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Hi! I'm Elle

Guess what! You and I are not so different! We are parents of the most beautiful creations and we have put ourselves second and our babies first. We have also dedicated our time in giving our children the best opportunities in life.

We’ve had a sleepless night or two or three…or four! Actually, the thing that may differentiate us is I’ve got the fussiest eater known to mankind. But that’s another story…

Babies and kids are my first love and I’ve always worked with them in child care and disability. I adore being a mum of three beautiful boys and know the trials and joys of this special role.

I understand the struggle of many parents who think they should know exactly how to raise their kids from day one. Kids and sleep are supposed to go together, right? Well for my first child this didn’t happen easily, and when he stopped sleeping entirely at three months I felt like a failure.

Naturally I wanted to find the answers for my son.

Supported by my background in health sciences I engaged in exhaustive research to understand paediatric sleep, sleep methods and human sleep cycles. I learned how sleep can really impact on a child’s health, moods and developmental aspects, especially during the early years.

elle pollard baby sleep consultant
Elle Pollard - Sleep Consultant

I learned that kids – even siblings – have their own sleep style and that an individual approach to help teach them to sleep is key. When I understood this I was able to match my son’s sleep habits and behaviour with techniques and methods that worked best for him. Soon my little man was sleeping contentedly.

My second child had a very different personality and was in a household with a big brother. With this I faced new sleep challenges and used different techniques to suit his needs.

I’m glad to say it got easier.

With greater knowledge and experience it became so much easier the second and third time around which avoided a lot of stress and pain. Now it’s my mission to help other parents find the same ease.

Along with being a qualified sleep consultant, I’ve studied a Bachelor of Paramedicine and have Certificate IV Qualifications in Disability, Pathology and Emergency Patient Transport.

I’d be thrilled to hold your hand during the beautiful and sometimes challenging process of being a parent. You definitely don’t have to go it alone. Offering a range of sleep solutions for newborns, infants, toddlers & children.

Are you ready for a happy baby and family?

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