Newborn Sleep Training - Teenies Program

For Teenies (0-6 months)

Online Infant Sleep Consultant in Melbourne

This personalised program will help parents understand how to set a workable sleep routine and develop great sleep habits from the start. All children are different, so even seasoned parents can benefit from this.

Just keep in mind that the ideal time to begin sleep training newborn babies is approximated at around 4 months old. You can begin sleep training before or after this point in time, but 4 months is the ideal window for optimal results.

After purchasing your Teenies newborn sleep training program you’ll receive a comprehensive intake form to fill out about your baby.

Teenies Newborn Sleep Training

This consultation will be conducted in the comfort of your own home and in your baby’s most familiar environment. Each session is conducted over a 1-3 hour period and is tailored to suit the needs of your baby to achieve the best possible outcomes.

During the session I will be able to make a thorough assessment as to where your baby is at with their sleep. I will then outline and help implement various newborn sleep training strategies and techniques that you will be able to continue with.

Once we have met, you’ll receive your baby’s personalised sleep program tailored specifically to your baby, followed by 10 days of unlimited email support where we touch base to ensure the plan is on track and I can answer any questions. Once you have completed your program you will receive a follow up phone call two weeks post completion to check in on how things are going from Elle, our director and newborn sleep consultant.

Your Teenies newborn sleep training program includes:

  • 1-3 hour in home consultation OR 1 hour Zoom/phone consultation;
  • A customised sleep program that covers areas such as sleep requirements within a 24 hour period, age appropriate wake times, day and night confusion, tired signs, how to understand and respond to different cries and how to implement a short and sweet bedtime routine;
  • Observation and thorough assessment of your child and their sleep;
  • Assessment of your child sleeping arrangements and environment;
  • 10 days of unlimited email support – Your email subscription commences once you receive your child’s personalised program (reply within 24 hours);
  • Follow up phone call 2 weeks after completion of newborn sleep training program

Are you ready for a happy baby and family? Our programs are custom-tailored for sleep training newborn babies of all kinds

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