My Sleep Training Services

No matter the age of your little one, Our Littlies has an infant sleep training program just for you. Both Zoom and In Home Programs are Available.

Teenies Sleep Training

For new bubbies 0 – 6 months, this personalised program will help parents understand how to set a workable sleep routine and develop great sleep habits from the start. All children are different so even seasoned parents can benefit from this.

Teenies Newborn Sleep Training
infant sleep training

Littlies Sleep Training

For growing littlies from 6 months to 2.5 years, this personalised program is for parents who may have established a sleep routine, but your little one is not settling easily, having short catnaps, or waking multiple nights per night.

Toddler Sleep Training

You’ve done an amazing job of raising your child so far and they’ve probably been sleeping well for the most part. But even a usually zen child can fall into a pattern that doesn’t promote quality sleep. I can help you find a solution.

Toddler Sleep Training Melbourne

Are you ready for peace at last and a happy baby and family?

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