Back on Track

There are times when your best managed sleep plans go astray due to illness, day to day changes or other routine busters. Get extra support to get a steady sleep schedule back on track when you need it most.

You’ve been doing an amazing job of navigating the often tricky path of parenting. And we get that your child’s fabulous-before-now sleep pattern can alter unexpectedly due to illness, developmental or routine changes, holidays, work patterns, daylight saving, or for no clear reason at all.

If your child has been unwell, you’ll naturally be focused on soothing rather than teaching how to manage sleeping patterns or behaviours.

Helping a child through developmental milestones is just as important. If a good routine has already been in place, it will be about implementing gentle techniques and strategies to help guide your child through this stage.

Back On Track Baby Sleep Training

Your Back on Track Program includes:

  • Reassessment of your child’s current sleep program;
  • Creating a step by step sleep program catering for your child’s specific needs;
  • 30 minute phone or Zoom consultation;
  • 10 days of unlimited email support;
  • Your email subscription commences the same day as soon as you receive your up to date plan (reply within 24 hours);
  • Follow up phone call 2 weeks after competition of program

Please Note: You may only purchase the back on track service if you have purchased a program from Our Littlies in the last 6 months. If you have not had a plan created by us then please select a package.

Check out my packages for:

Teenies Sleep Program

Littlies Sleep Program

Toddler Sleep Program

Or if its been longer than 6 months then lets have a chat and see where things are at.

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