Toddlers (2.5 months to 5 years)


Online Toddler & Child Sleep Specialist in Melbourne

You’ve done an amazing job of raising your child so far and they’ve probably been sleeping well for the most part. But even a usually zen child can fall into a pattern that doesn’t promote quality sleep. I can help you find a solution.

At this age most sleep troubles are behavioural, which means older littlies knows how to push the boundaries and test their independence. Getting in and out of bed is easy, so why stay there when play’s more fun!

The key to keeping toddlers out of the overtired zone is to be firm and consistent, and to adopt techniques appropriate for and specific to the child’s level of maturity. One of the techniques I use, as a toddler sleep consultant is reward based tools such as reward charts in conjunction with tried and tested age appropriate techniques. These are used to help create positive behaviour, and kids enjoy being part of this process by choosing their very own special reward chart.

Your Toddlers sleep program includes:

  • 1-2 hour in home consultation OR 1 hour Skype/phone consultation (see below)
  • Observation and thorough assessment of your child and their sleep
  • Assessment of your child sleeping arrangements and environment (home consultation only)
  • Provide a solution, education and practical skills to help you quickly and calmly settle your Child to sleep
  • Reward charts to create positive behaviour
  • Importance of sleep and how much your toddler should be getting in a 24 hour period
  • Bedtime routine, preventing unexpected bedtime refusals
  • Access to 10 days’ unlimited email support
    Your email subscription commences once you recieve your Child’s personalised program (reply within 24 hours)
  • Follow up phone call 2 weeks after completion of program

One hour In-Home consultation $480

After purchasing your Toddler sleep program you’ll receive a comprehensive intake form to fill out about your child. You will then have access to a booking calendar on my website, where you will be able to book a time for us to meet for our consultation. Due to the nature of dropping day naps at this age, the time of consultation will need to be made 30 minutes before your child goes to bed for the evening.  Example: Time of arrival for consultation 6:30pm for a bedtime at 7pm.

This consultation will be conducted in the comfort of your own home and in your child’s most familiar environment. Each session is conducted over a 1-2 hour period and is tailored to suit the needs of your child to achieve the best possible outcomes.

During the session I will be able to make a thorough assessment as to where your child is at with their sleep. I will then outline and help implement various strategies and techniques that you will be able to continue with after I leave.

Once we have met, you’ll receive your child’s personalised sleep program tailored specifically to your child, followed by 10 days of unlimited email support where we touch base to ensure the plan is on track and I can answer any questions. Once you have completed your program you will receive a follow up phone call two weeks post completion to check in on how things are going.


Online Skype Consultation

It’s ideal if our consultation is at your home so I can be with you in your space, get to know you and your littlie, meet the family, assess the sleep environment and even suggest other ideas that can help fast track a positive outcome. However, I totally get that sometimes this may not be practical and so we can meet by Phone or Skype and go through the steps to make a thorough assessment of your child’s sleep. Rest assured you still have the same outcomes. Drop us a line to discuss or select your option in the dropdown below.

If you would like a Skype consultation please select YES in the drop down below. If you would like an in home consultation then please select NO to proceed.

Phone/Skype consultation $380


If you have twin littlie’s and would like a personalised plan created for the two of them, then please select YES in the drop down below. If it’s just the one child please select NO to proceed.

Twin $100 for extra child


Is your child pushing the boundaries with challenging behaviour? Do sleep habits still need a bit of fine tuning to help everyone rest easy? We can help.